• healing hammertoes part 3

    Healing Hammertoes, Part Three

    I’m Doctor Paul Betschart, your Podiatrist, and today we are going to wrap up our series on the foot condition called hammertoes. I hope that many of you in the Danbury area have found this information to be helpful. Many times people try to treat their ailments, such as hammertoes, by using topical creams and lotions. While doing so may help to dissipate some of the redness and inflammation associated with the condition, it only helps to alleviate symptoms, while never addressing the root cause of the problem. It is important to sit down with a podiatrist and discover the root cause of your hammertoes. Why not come see me, at my office here in Danbury and we’ll get you on the right path, so that you can truly experience healing for your hammertoes.

  • Healing Hammertoes, Part two

    Healing Hammertoes, Part Two

    Hammertoes are no fun; but then again, what kind of foot ailment is? Thankfully, there is hope for healing hammertoes. I’m Doctor Paul Betschart, and today I would like to present part two of my three part series on some of the home remedies that many try to implement in their attempt to correct their hammertoes, but do not solve the problem. Sometimes individuals that suffer from hammertoes may place padding in their shoes under the ball of their foot or between their toes. While this may provide temporary relief from the intense pain resulting from a deformed toe, it has no bearing on the realignment of the toe itself.

    It is important to see a podiatrist like me, to find proper and long-lasting treatment. I invite you to come to my office here in Danbury so we can talk.

  • Healing Hammertoes, Part One

    Healing Hammertoes, Part One

    While some people may try to use home remedies in order to avoid seeing a doctor, when it comes to hammertoes, it is important not to take chances with your feet. I’m Doctor Paul Betschart, a podiatrist here in Danbury, CT, and I would like to share part one of a three part series on treatments that many try at home, but cannot completely heal hammertoes. Since improper footwear is one of the most common instigators of a hammertoe condition, some may think that simply purchasing new footwear will solve the problem. While comfortable shoes that allow your feet to breathe may help prevent further damage, they cannot repair the curvature that has already occurred.

    You need to see a podiatrist like me. I invite you to come to my Danbury or Middlebury office and get some real help and relief.

  • What are Hammertoes?

    What Are Hammertoes?

    Hammertoes are certainly an enigma. This progressive condition, however, is easy to identify. Hello friends; it’s Doctor Betschart, your favorite podiatrist here in Danbury. I would like to talk to you today about hammertoes and how to know if you indeed have this foot ailment. Hammertoes most commonly develop on the second toe, but can also arise on the other digits as well. The condition can be characterized by a bending or curvature of the toe, which may become inflamed and be accompanied by a burning sensation. If not treated properly, the toe could freeze until it cannot move on its own. I know that hammertoes can be an embarrassing condition, and I want to help pull you out. I encourage you to come see me, at my offices in Danbury and Middlebury, CT.