• Don’t be a prisoner of Foot Pain!

    I know that many foot ailments can be life-interrupting.
    I’m Doctor Paul Betschart, a podiatrist in Danbury. Sometimes foot pain can be excruciating and keep you from doing the things that you would like. Sometimes unsightly afflictions can cause embarrassment to the point where you cover your feet as much as possible.
    I want to encourage you that there is hope for whatever condition you are dealing with. You don’t have to keep suffering and living like a prisoner day after day.
    I would love to help you get your life back. Why not make an appointment today to see me, Doctor Betschart, at my office in Danbury Get a FREE Consultation by calling 203-791-0466 or use the request box on the home page

  • The Connection Between Weight and Flatfoot

    The Connection Between Weight and Flatfoot

    Many people may not realize how much their weight affects their feet, but it is actually quite a significant factor in one’s health and well-being. Good day, Danbury! This is Doctor Paul Betschart here to talk to you today about the connection between our weight and a condition called flatfoot. If you’ve been thinking about losing those extra pounds, let me give you a great reason to do so. Our weight put a lot of pressure on the main tendon that holds up the arch on our foot, and over time, that tendon can weaken if it continually put under stress. If the tendon gives way, then we lose our arch and thus become flatfooted. Because of this condition, weight is then applied to other parts of the foot, which causes severe pain and agony.

    If you have flatfoot, please come see me for help at my office here in Danbury, CT.