• Happy and Healthy New Year!

    Happy and Healthy New Year and New Decade!
    Health can begin from the ground up. If there are any nagging foot problems that are keeping you from living that healthy lifestyle you deserve, make a resolution to take care of it to start 2020! Come on in for a consultation and get back on the road to better health!
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  • Your feet are a window to your health!

    People don’t always realize how their feet can be a window into their general health. A comprehensive lower extremity exam can help identify both foot and general health problems. Get yours today! Book a consultation here or  call 203 791 0466

  • Have you met your deductible?

    Have you put off anything related to your foot health until you’ve met your health insurance deductible?

    Understandably, many people do this. Deductibles have gotten outrageously high. Ugh!

    The 4th Quarter of the year is busier than usual around here because many people have met their deductible.

    We’ve already heard some people mention how meeting their deductible has motivated them to finally get a foot condition addressed.

    For some it will take longer to get back to 100% because of how long the condition has persisted. Allowing foot pain to last isn’t ideal, but we realize that’s just what many people do.

    So, here’s the thing…

    You’ve worked hard to earn your insurance benefits. Utilizing these benefits to your advantage when needed is the wise approach.

    If you have a new or lingering foot concern, now is the time to have us help you get rid of it.

    Healthier feet and a healthier pocketbook are both possible when you wisely use a benefit you work hard for.

    In addition, your HSA dollars can also be used toward services like custom orthotics.

    Our friendly team members are always standing by to serve you.

    To Healthy Feet,

    Dr. Betschart

  • Addressing a Child’s Foot Pain

    Addressing a Child’s Foot Pain

    What parent wouldn’t do everything in their power to keep their children healthy?

    Being proactive about a child’s foot concern is an important part of this philosophy.

    Pain in a child’s feet isn’t normal. It’s rarely from ill-fitting shoes.

    Unless a child has a deformity such as a bunion, foot pain is often a biomechanical problem.

    This is considered good news.

    A biomechanical problem means a part of their foot is getting stressed or fatigued by abnormal movements

    The solution is often very simple.

    Custom or custom-like orthotics resolve the pain almost 100% of the time.

    Orthotics also significantly help to relieve juvenile bunion pain and leg pain as well.

    Solving a child’s pain and biomechanical condition goes a long way toward avoiding future problems as a teenager or adult.

    Many knee and back issues may be avoided by addressing the feet at a younger age.

    A proactive approach to a child’s complaint about foot pain can help to avoid both short-term and long-term suffering.

    We are here to serve you and your children.

    To Healthy Feet,

    Dr. Betschart

  • Size Matters!

    Maybe it’s the wrong size…
    Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution.
    Why complicate things?
    One of the easiest and often overlooked ways to address foot pain is by checking shoe size.
    Studies show a large percentage of people aren’t wearing the right shoe size, so making sure you are is a good first step.
    Shoes that are too big for you can be as detrimental as shoes that are too small.
    Having your feet move side to side or front to back in your shoes can lead to calluses, inflammation and sometimes open sores.
    It’s even more important for people with Diabetes to have perfect fitting shoes.
    A sore can lead to an infection and worse.
    Having your feet measured every time you purchase shoes is highly recommended.
    Also check the fit of new shoes by tying them on before buying them. Shoe sizing is not universal.
    Although it’s easier now than ever to purchase shoes online or at self-serve stores, these aren’t the recommended approach.
    Avoiding unnecessary foot pain can be as simple as wearing the right size shoes.
    If you feel your foot pain isn’t from the wrong size shoes, we are here to help alleviate it.
    To Healthy Feet,
    Dr. Betschart
    P.S. We can measure your shoe size for you right here in the office.
    Interesting Fact: Feet can get longer and wider with age which can affect our shoe size