Hit The Bricks!

Spring has sprung. This is the time that many people start or resume their running work outs. The feet are a runners most prized possessions so it is important to pay attention to them to keep them healthy. It goes without saying that foot wear needs to be appropriate for the activity planned. A quality running shoe is the first thing to consider when starting a running program. Brands such as Brooks, ASICS, New Balance and Propet have a number of styles to accommodate a variety of foot types. Obviously, fit is important as well. Shoes that are too small or too large can result in nail trauma, blisters or callouses. My rule of “thumb” is to be able to fit the thickness of your thumb between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. A fitting by a skilled shoe fitter is helpful if you have a hard to fit foot. Socks are an often overlooked piece of the running equipment. Wicking fabrics such as acrylics or wool are best for drawing moisture away from the skin which will reduce the chance of blisters. Preventative foot care revolves around moisture management. Moisturize dry skin with a quality emollient cream daily. People whose feet sweat a lot should consider applying a drying powder prior to putting on socks. Should sweating be excessive, anti perspirant liquids can be applied prior to activity. First aid for blisters is to drain them with a sterile needle and apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with an adhesive bandage. Areas that get recurrent blisters should be protected with adhesive moleskin or blister bandages to protect against friction. Of course, if running is causing persistent foot or leg pain, it is important to seek the help of a lower extremity sports medicine specialist for diagnosis and treatment. We are here to keep you running!

Paul Betschart, DPM Dr. Betschart has over 26 years of experience in treating patients of all ages with all kinds of foot and ankle conditions. His mission is to provide you with helpful information about foot and ankle issues and the latest developments in healthcare.

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