It Seems Logical, But…

It seems logical that a cushion in your shoe should help relieve pain in the heel. But… it almost never works. (We wish it were that easy!) In fact, most store-bought inserts don’t help this condition much.

The bottom of your heel doesn’t start hurting in most cases because it lacks cushion, but rather because the plantar fascia ligament gets strained.
Our simple point here is… don’t waste money on cushions or inserts that likely won’t help.

The best thing you can do for pain in your heel(s) is to wear shoes that have good arch support and a raised heel.

Remember, flat shoes and being barefoot are bad for plantar fasciitis. Every month that you allow the pain to continue increases the chance of scar-like tissue forming. If heel pain turns into scar-tissue pain, the road to relief is usually much longer.

We’ve had to do surgery on this condition that could have been avoided through earlier intervention.

Don’t let that be you.

We are here to help you put an end to pain in your heel.

To Healthy Feet,
Dr. Betschart

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