Keeping Children’s Feet Healthy

Some good news: many adult foot problems can be prevented with proper foot care throughout childhood.

This is especially the case if Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa have had a foot condition. Many foot issues such as ingrown toenails, bunions and flat feet can be genetic.

You can help your child or grandchild from developing foot problems later on by addressing their feet at an early age.

There doesn’t need to be pain present for us to do a wellness check-up for your child’s feet. In fact, pain is one of the things we want to prevent.

Your child’s pediatrician likely isn’t aware of what to look for like we are. We can evaluate your child’s feet to determine if any warning signs exist.

Usually, simple measures can be recommended to help prevent future problems. Keeping kids’ feet healthy can go a long way toward not only preventing adult onset foot conditions, but also preventing knee, hip and back issues.

We know how important it is to parents to keep their children healthy from head to toe. Don’t wait for your child to complain of foot pain, or for your child’s pediatrician to recommend a thorough foot evaluation.

Proactive is better than reactive.

We evaluate and treat kids of any age. We welcome the opportunity to be your child’s guide to a lifetime of happy feet.

To healthy kids’ feet,

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