Make Foot Health A Priority In 2016

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? According to Time.com, 2 of the top 3 resolutions are health-related: live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

Taking good care of your body is a big part of living a healthier lifestyle, and don’t forget your feet! Often we take them for granted but to keep them happily pounding the pavement for us, they need consistent TLC. Here are a few ideas to keep your tootsies in tip-top shape this year:

➢ Inspect your feet every day for anything out of the ordinary. Look for trouble spots like fungus, cuts, punctures or cracked skin. Be sure to check between the toes and use a mirror to see the bottom of your feet.

➢ Wash and moisturize your feet every day. Use warm, soapy water with a soft washcloth or sponge. After carefully drying especially between the toes, apply an emollient lotion or shea butter balm all over. Don’t forget the toenails – use petroleum jelly or cuticle cream.

➢ Try to keep feet well-protected at all times. Avoid going barefoot and limit the time wearing flimsy flip-flops. Choose instead sturdy sandals and flip-flops with firm, supportive soles. Use sunscreen regularly when out in the sun. In wet or cold weather, wear moisture-wicking socks under warm, waterproof shoes.

➢ If venturing out to the malls armed with gift cards, why not upgrade your boots and shoes? Look for good support with heels no higher than 2 inches. Choose shoes with a roomy toe box and be sure to shop late in the afternoon or evening when feet are largest.

➢ For do it yourself pedicures, trim toenails straight across instead of rounding to prevent ingrown toenails. Apply a pumice stone to damp soles and heels to eliminate excess dry skin. If you visit a nail salon, be sure to check foot baths and equipment for cleanliness and check for proper licensing postings.

➢ Add feet, ankle and toe stretching to your exercise routine to maintain flexibility.

If you find anything unusual during your foot inspection or if you experience any foot or ankle pain, be sure to call Advanced Foot & Ankle Center quickly. Any patient with diabetes should pay special attention to foot condition and foot health.

A Stubbed Toe May Not Be As Simple As You Think

Please contact Dr. Paul Betschart, board certified podiatrist for any foot or ankle pain or problems. We will examine your foot carefully and begin treatment for any condition that we find at either of our two offices conveniently located in Western Connecticut. You can reach our Danbury office at (844) 375-7622 or our Middlebury office at (844) 221-0942 for an appointment or contact us via the website. Make 2016 the year that you learn to love your feet – your feet will love you back!

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