Neuropathy And Frostbite: A Dangerous Combination

Neuropathy and Frostbite: A Dangerous Combination
People who suffer from diabetes and neuropathy shoel know why it’s important to avoid frostbite. Neuropathy, a condition often experienced by those with diabetes, affects the body’s ability to feel, and therefore, hot and cold often cannot be discerned. A person with neuropathy is more prone to frostbite, since they cannot feel when cold is negatively affecting their skin. This puts the individual at greater risk for an amputation. Any cold injury should be treated promptly. First aid should include slow warming of the area and protection from additional trauma. If you have suffered a cold injury to your feet or are one of the many Americans that struggles with neuropathy, I invite you to visit me, at my office here in Danbury, CT. Call right away 844 375 7622 or request an appointment here.

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