Neuropathy: Choose Footwear Carefully

Do you have neuropathy? This condition arises when the nerves are damaged so they can’t do their job – transmitting sensory or muscle information. Peripheral neuropathy causes numbness and pain in the hands and feet. All nerves outside the spinal cord and brain comprise the peripheral nervous system which link muscles, skin and internal organs to the brain.
Neuropathy can be caused by infections, injuries and toxin exposure. However, the most common cause is diabetes where nerve fibers are damaged because of prolonged exposure to high blood sugar.
Symptoms of neuropathy include loss of sensation, a tingling or burning feeling, weakness or even paralysis.
The Right Footwear Is Essential for Patients with Neuropathy
Because damage to the feet is dangerous with neuropathy – even minor injuries or cuts may go undetected – it’s important to always wear protective footwear. Don’t go barefoot!
Shoe selection becomes very important. Here are a few tips to help you choose footwear that is protective and comfortable too:

And ladies: you don’t have to abandon your high heels as long as you wear them for very brief periods. But if you also suffer from a foot deformity like bunions or hammertoes, or if you have poor blood circulation, lock those high heels in your closet. Also avoid skimpy sandals as they have inadequate protection for your feet and the strap between the toes may blister or irritate your feet without you feeling it.

Take Action To Protect Your Feet

In choosing the right footwear for neuropathy, the best first step is to call us at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center. We will examine your feet carefully, watch your gait as you walk and recommend the best shoes for your condition. Please call Dr. Paul Betschart, board certified podiatrist for an evaluation appointment. You can reach us at our Danbury office at (844) 375-7622 or our Middlebury office at (844) 221-0942, or via the website. We hope to see you in our office soon!

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