Rogers is Broken Toe Immunized?

Rogers has broken toe immunized? Not quite. One of the football announcers joked about the treatment quarterback Aaron Rogers had on his fractured pinky toe, poking fun at the player for saying he had been naturally immunized against Covid 19 rather than receiving the vaccine. Vaccinations seem to be a topic of controversy lately. Full disclosure, I received the Covid 19 booster and I do recommend the vaccine and booster to my patients. But can we be immunized against pain? Not yet, anyway. Pain is a necessary bodily signal to let us know there is something wrong. In professional athletes, even minor injuries can impact their performance. Some will accept the risks and play through injuries to get through games or the season. Some will even have injured areas anesthetized with local anesthetics prior to competition. This is the treatment that Aaron Roger had on his broken toe which sparked the immunization joke. For the rest of us mortals, delaying treatment for an injury such as a broken pinky toe is not a good idea. Early diagnosis and treatment will provide an overall faster return to activity. A little time off now can prevent a lot of future pain and reduced activity. If you get a foot or ankle injury, don’t wait. Get it checked out early. The time you save could be your own!

Paul Betschart, DPM Dr. Betschart has over 26 years of experience in treating patients of all ages with all kinds of foot and ankle conditions. His mission is to provide you with helpful information about foot and ankle issues and the latest developments in healthcare.

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