Symptoms & Treatment For Hammertoe

If a hammertoe hurts, it’s usually because the shoe rubs on the prominent knuckle. The reason to be concerned is that more problems
can stem from this.

Some of the complications from hammertoes are open sores, infections, stress fractures, and tendon or ligament tears.

As you can see, a simple bending of the toes can lead to complex problems. Unfortunately, there aren’t any splints that can help
realign a bent toe. Don’t fall for ads that make this

What you can do is make sure your shoes don’t rub on the prominent knuckles.

Without getting too technical, the cause of the problem is usually a tendon that is getting overworked.

The best solution to relax an overworked tendon is to use custom designed inserts (orthotics). We have been able to help kids and adults avoid major toe deformities by making custom orthotics.

If a hammertoe is left untreated and becomes more deformed, surgery may be the only option. If one or more of the knuckles of your toes are becoming prominent, it may be the sign of more serious things to come.

There is a simple solution to hammertoes if we have the opportunity to address them early enough.

We are here to help you avoid any serious conditions related to your toes bending.

To Straight Toes,

Dr. Betschart

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