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Tips For Those With Ankle Sprains, Part Two

Tips for Those with Ankle Sprains, Part Two
Ankle sprains are extremely common, but so are the mistakes that people make when treating a sprain. This is Doctor Betschart. Let’s look at part two of my three-part podiatry series for residents of Connecticut about ankle sprains. If you suffer a sprain, never assume that an elastic bandage is sufficient for healing. While perhaps a bandage can help the ankle heal in some ways, it is vital not to overlook the fact that the affected ligament may have sustained a tear, or could be severely overstretched, thus warranting immediate medical attention. It is always necessary to see your podiatrist for a complete examination whenever you become injured by an ankle sprain. I encourage you to stop by my office in Danbury or Middlebury anytime that we can be of help.

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