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With over two decades of experience, two convenient locations, and a staff led by our board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Paul Betschart, our team at Advanced Foot & Ankle is Connecticut’s premier destination for all foot and ankle related concerns.

Whether you have a simple cosmetic issue, an ever-worsening condition, or compound fracture, we want you to be an active participant in your recovery, which is why our podiatrists always provides a breakdown of your condition and treatment options.

Our physicians provide treatment for:

  • Bunions: Bunions can often be identified as a hard deformity that grows along the base of the big toe joint, curving it inward. Our podiatrist has a variety of treatments aimed at providing long-term relief for this condition.
  • HammertoesIf one or more of your toes is bent over at the knuckle, and you’re unable to extend it, you likely have the condition known as hammer or mallet toes. For more information about this condition, visit our office.
  • Toenail fungusNail fungus is an incredibly common chronic condition that can last a lifetime. By working with our medical staff, we can work toward eliminating the underlying cause of your condition.
  • Heel painIf you’re experiencing pain on the bottom of your heel, you’re likely suffering from plantar fasciitis, if the pain is located on the back of your heel; it’s usually Achilles tendinitis. Neither goes away quickly, and both require an exam for a proper diagnosis.
  • NeuropathyAnyone experiencing Neuropathy (also called Peripheral Neuropathy), numbness, tingling, or sharp pains in their toes should contact our office immediately, this is a result of nerve damage and the symptoms indicate other significant conditions.
  • Diabetic footA healthy foot receives comparatively low blood circulation. When you’re a diabetic, the circulation is significantly worse. A single scratch can take a long time to heal, and if it gets infected, the worst-case scenario results in amputation. It’s our duty to prevent that from occurring.
  • Podiatric sports medicine: If you need treatment for a sports-related injury, our staff is here to help. From ankle trauma to problematic knee or foot conditions, our treatment center can provide you with a personalized treatment plan aimed at providing long-term relief.
  • Brachymetatarsal correction: If one of your toes is a Brachymetatarsal or the “short toe” birth defect, and you’re tired of the pain and embarrassment that’s associated with it, our podiatric surgeon specializes in the correction or “toe extension” surgery.

For additional information about our treatment options, please contact our office at our office at (844) 375-7622.

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