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Why is Your Big Toe Turning Inward?

Bunions (hallux valgus) form when the big toe (hallux) is moved out of place, turned inward toward the smaller toes, often overlapping them. The deformity is actually a 3 dimensional deformity of the great toe and the metatarsal bone behind it.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle, Dr. Betschart decades of experience treating this condition and can provide you with lasting relief.

Treatments for this condition depend on the severity of the symptoms, varying from:

  • Surgical relief and reconstruction
  • Changing shoes and using inserts
  • Medication to combat inflammation

As bunions are often a hereditary condition, they can often develop during various stages of your life. Symptoms range from redness of the protruding area to a painful bursa (fluid-filled sac) forming inside or around the joint. Symptoms often limit shoe wear choices and can affect activity level.

The revolutionary Lapiplasty 3-Dimensional Bunion Correction is an advanced surgical technique that addresses the deformity at its source and provides a permanent solution to this painful condition. Click the link for an educational video on the procedure https://youtu.be/JIGgVLJbYM4


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