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Lisfranc's Injury

A brief description of this potentially serious foot injury is described
Jun 1st, 2023

The Foot Book Released

Your fearless foot leader has finished his new release! The Foot Book. This is a patient's guide to all things podiatry! If you ever wondered what other kinds of conditions a podiatrist treats regularly, you can find out in this book.
Mar 9th, 2023

Wolf Man Feet

A brief description of the foot effects of Lupus
Oct 26th, 2022

BigFoot Problems

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. Standard footwear can accommodate most but not all sized feet
Oct 19th, 2022

Metatarsalgia, myth or legend?

Metatarsalgia is not an actual medical diagnosis. It is a descriptive term for pain in the metatarsal area, which is in the ball of the foot behind the toes. There are a number of anatomic structures that can be affected in this area
Oct 6th, 2022

Beach Foot Dangers

Going barefoot on the beach is fun but can be dangerous. Here are some risks to be aware of
Aug 5th, 2022

Not just for athletes

A brief description of a common foot condition that affects people of all ages
Jul 13th, 2022

Not just for Toads

The most common virus affecting the foot is the wart virus or verruca plantaris. From an early age to the senior years some people are susceptible to the pesky wart virus. They occur mostly on the hands and feet.
Jul 7th, 2022

The secret to children's foot health!

Podiatrists are experts in treating children and teens. Podiatrists keep America’s kids active by keeping them on their feet and in the game. Children’s feet are still developing, and they are susceptible to a variety of conditions as they grow.
May 4th, 2022

A corn that's fixin to pop!

Corns are very common foot complaint that have been around since people started wearing closed shoes. Corns and callouses form in areas of friction or pressure as the body attempts to protect the skin.
Apr 21st, 2022

Awakened by a horse in bed!

Charley horse that is! The common term for a muscle cramp usually in the calf muscle. Anyone who is an athlete has probably had a cramp in a muscle at some point due to overuse or dehydration. But what about those cramps that occur at night while in bed?
Apr 13th, 2022

A Lifetime of Steps

Over your lifetime, your feet will carry you more than 216 million steps, or more than 100,000 miles. That’s a lot of time spent on your feet and, as you age, it becomes more important than ever to take good care of them.
Apr 7th, 2022

Hit The Bricks!

Spring has sprung. This is the time that many people start or resume their running work outs. The feet are a runners most prized possessions so it is important to pay attention to them to keep them healthy.
Mar 30th, 2022

Lumpy Bumpy Foot

There are many conditions that can cause a lump or bump on the foot. Some examples are bone spurs, ganglion cysts, bunions, abscess and various tumors. One such “tumor” is the plantar fibroma. These are benign growths in the substance of the plantar fascia
Mar 24th, 2022

Not just for Kings!

The sudden onset of pain and swelling in the foot is often… Gout! Yes, gout! Even if you’ve never had it, you can get it. The big toe joint area is where gout attacks most. It can also occur in other places in the foot, ankle or knee.
Mar 9th, 2022

Turf Toe Woes

Turf toe is a specific injury of the great toe joint of the foot. It can run the gamut from mild sprain to complete dislocation of the joint. The injury got its name from its increase in occurrence with athletic play on artificial turf surfaces.
Mar 2nd, 2022

Chilblains toe

There are 2 other common cold related complaints that typically affect the toes. Unlike direct tissue injury from cold like frost bite, these conditions are brought about by reactions in the small blood vessels in the digits.
Feb 23rd, 2022

Chillin Toes

Winter can bring lots of challenges to the human body. The extremities are particularly sensitive to cold temperatures as they are far from the core of our body. Exposure to cold temperatures can cause direct tissue injury, which is called frostbite.
Feb 16th, 2022

Heart Disease Roars Back!

Heart disease is on the rise again… According to an article in the January 15th edition of the Wall Street Journal, heart disease is on the rise again in the U.S. This explains what the feet have to do with it
Feb 9th, 2022

The other heel pain

Cold dry air outside and dry heat in our homes can result in excessive dryness of the skin. In some people, severe thickening of the outer layers of the skin can occur, termed hyperkeratosis. This is commonly found around the edge of the heel.
Feb 2nd, 2022

Lisfranc's injury? What in the world is that?

Lisfranc’s injury is one that we don’t hear about regularly. It certainly has an unusual name. Most people wonder what it is and why it can be one of the most devastating foot injuries for athletes.
Jan 18th, 2022


Your foot odor may stem from any of several causes. You can get sweaty feet because it’s hot outside or you’re exercising vigorously. Still, your feet can also sweat excessively for other reasons like: Being pregnant, Wearing ill-fitting shoes, Stress,
Jan 11th, 2022

New Year New Feet

Many people make New Ye Resolutions to do(of not do) many things. But how many make the resolution to take better care of their feet? Those of you that have been in to see me for a foot problem know how disruptive a foot problem can be to our daily lives.
Jan 4th, 2022

The nerve of that nerve!

There is a nerve in your foot that can get pinched just like carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist. The area is on the inside of the ankle and it’s called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Pain can occur right in that spot.
Dec 28th, 2021

She fell off her high heels and broke her ankle!

Heel heights greater than 2 inches have the potential to cause problems. The elevated heel forces the ball of the foot to bear significantly more pressure with each step than a normal footfall.
Dec 22nd, 2021

Doc, can you shorten my toe please?

Foot surgery can provide many benefits including pain relief, improved shoe fitting, improved function and yes, improved appearance. But what if the only concern is improving the appearance of the foot?
Dec 8th, 2021

Rogers is Broken Toe Immunized?

Rogers is broken toe immunized? Not quite. One of the football announcers joked about the treatment quarterback Aaron Rogers had on his fractured pinky toe, poking fun at the player for saying he had been naturally immunized against Covid 19
Nov 30th, 2021

Henry sidelined by Jones

The Tennessee Titans star running back Derrick Henry, one of the top players in the NFL, has been sidelined by a seemingly simple foot fracture. The fracture that he sustained is called a Jones fracture.
Nov 16th, 2021

7 Ways to Getting Moving to Fight Diabetes

November is American Diabetes Month and an important time to take a look at how to combat this disease which afflicts over 34 million people in our country. Diabetes is the number one cause of lower–limb amputations.
Nov 4th, 2021

Walking on hot coals?

Walking on hot coals? Generally not recommended! Some of my patients who have peripheral neuropathy have told me that this is how their feet felt. Others have reported tingling, numbness or cold feeling.
Oct 27th, 2021

My feet are killing me! Actually!

My feet are killing me! Actually! That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but they are sore along with my legs after running in the Ridgefield Half Marathon this weekend. I have to confess that I was not as prepared for this event as I would have liked to be
Oct 19th, 2021

If the shoe fits?

Maybe it’s the wrong size… Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution. One of the easiest and often overlooked ways to address foot pain is by checking shoe size. Studies show a large percentage of people aren’t wearing the right shoe size
Oct 12th, 2021

1 step forward 2 steps back?

Set backs. We have all had them in all areas of life. How we react to and handle set backs helps to shape our lives. But what about set backs in health care?
Oct 6th, 2021

The walls come tumbling down

Much like a building, the structural integrity of the foot depends on many structures working together. Leonardo DaVinci once wrote that the human foot was a marvel of engineering.
Sep 28th, 2021

See me before its too late!

One of the most frustrating things for medical practitioners is to have a patient come in with a serious complication that could have been prevented or at the very least addressed early, before it got really bad. It happens all too often.
Sep 21st, 2021

The Main Cause of Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown nails may develop for many reasons and some cases are congenital, because the nail is just too large for the toe. They can also be caused by trauma and ill fitting shoes. The most common cause however is improper grooming and trimming of the nail. 
Aug 25th, 2021

How Nutrition Affects Foot Health

Not only does nutrition play a big role in the overall health of the body, but even the development and treatment of certain foot conditions. Eating certain foods has shown to reduce the risk for inflammation and other diseases that can affect your feet.
Aug 23rd, 2021

5 Healthy Habits to Prevent Toenail Fungus

Have you ever had toenail fungus? Toenail fungus is a fungal infection of the nail or nail bed that causes thick, yellow, crumbly nails. Nail fungus can be difficult to get rid of and if left untreated, can lead to a more serious infection.
Aug 18th, 2021

All about Plantar Warts

What are they? Plantar warts are warts on the bottom of the feet caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). These warts are flat and firm to the touch and often resemble a cauliflower with black speckles.
Aug 16th, 2021

Running Injuries

Running is one of the most popular and practiced sports in the world, with approximately 60 million people in the U.S. hitting the trails, parks, and streets annually! It is no surprise that running and jogging is one of the main causes for foot injuries.
Aug 2nd, 2021

HyProCure-The solution you have been waiting for

Stop suffering from the side effects of misaligned feet…HyProCure is the solution you have been waiting for! HyProCure is an internal stabilization device that is placed inside the foot. The device is a titanium stent which is placed into the sinus tarsi
Jul 19th, 2021

Neurogenx-Start today and get your life back!

Neurogenx has improved the quality of life for thousands of patients around the country suffering from neuropathy. Neurogenx is an electromedical treatment program that alleviates pain, tingling, burning, and numbness resulting from neuropathy.
Jul 13th, 2021

Debunking 3 Common Foot Myths!

1.You can’t walk on a broken foot. As a matter of fact, it can be quite easy to walk on a broken foot. Some broken bones hurt more than others, making it more difficult to walk.
Jul 12th, 2021

4 Summertime Foot Hazards to be aware of this summer!

1. Going Barefoot- Being barefoot increases your chance of injury or infection, and it can cause foot pain in other ways, too for instance, if you need the arch support. Wear supportive shoes in the summertime!
Jul 12th, 2021

Is It Nerve Pain?

Two of the most well-known and common nerve conditions in the body are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and sciatic nerve pain. If you have had either of these, you know how painful and persistent they can be.
Jun 15th, 2021

Protecting Our Feet From Germs

Much of the devastation caused by the Coronavirus is because of how extremely contagious it is. Certain germs are more contagious than others. And as far as the foot is concerned, fungus and viruses are the two most common germs that lead to problems.
Jun 2nd, 2021

Pain In The Ball Of Your Foot

If you are experiencing pain on the ball of your foot, you may have a common condition we see every day. You may feel like you are walking on a ball or something raised. Women over the age of 40 are most prone to this symptom.
May 27th, 2021

Bunion Surgery Options

Who is this for? People with bunions that may have failed conservative care and are considering surgical treatment.
May 12th, 2021

Conservative Care Options for the Arthritic Foot

What Is Arthritis? Arthritis is a medical term that describes inflammation of a joint; swelling and tenderness are common symptoms. Joints are areas where 2 different bones contact one another.
May 12th, 2021

Is Foot Rest Necessary?

If you stop to think about it, it is rather amazing what our feet do for us throughout our lifetime. Anyone who can get through life unaffected by a foot problem is incredibly lucky.
May 11th, 2021

Bone Spurs

There are many places in the foot where bone spurs can develop. One person might have pain from a spur, while another might not feel anything. Some spurs are obvious, like the ones on the top of the foot, whereas most can’t be seen.
May 7th, 2021

What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common and well-known condition. You or someone you know has probably had it. What isn’t so common, and definitely not known by the majority of people, is a condition called tarsal tunnel syndrome.
May 4th, 2021

Why Can Foot Pain Fluctuate?

Ever wonder why your foot pain can fluctuate from very little to quite intense, but never fully goes away? Have you ever had a sore foot and after a few days of rest, the pain went away?
Apr 27th, 2021

What Is Gout?

Gout is a specific type of arthritis that causes inflammation and pain in one or multiple joints. It often begins suddenly without a warning. The pain can bring you to your knees.
Apr 20th, 2021

Keeping Children’s Feet Healthy

Some good news: many adult foot problems can be prevented with proper foot care throughout childhood. This is especially the case if Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa have had a foot condition.
Apr 13th, 2021

Shoes In The Kitchen?

One of best decisions you can make for your feet is to wear shoes or quality sandals in the kitchen. Going without shoes on a hard surface over the course of time can cause problems.
Apr 6th, 2021

Soft Tissue Injuries

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been happy to see many people exercising more, getting outside in all seasons, and taking up new routines. If you are someone whose activity level has changed in some way, we want to share a word of caution that co
Mar 23rd, 2021

Could That Foot Problem Be Diabetes?

There are many conditions that can show up in the feet as a result of diabetes. Although we can’t diagnose diabetes just by looking at the feet, there are signs and symptoms that indicate the possibility.
Mar 16th, 2021

Caution With Oversized Running Shoes

Every now and then, a shoe style comes along that’s different from the rest. Much of what is advertised about shoes isn’t as good as it sounds.
Mar 9th, 2021

Pain On The Outside Of The Foot

Every day, someone comes to our office pointing to a pain on the outside of their foot – somewhere between the outside ankle bone and the little toe.
Mar 3rd, 2021

Should I Wear Shoes In The House?

Should I wear shoes in the house? As many of us are spending more time at home than ever before, it’s important to show our feet some TLC around the house.
Feb 23rd, 2021

Pain In The Heel Can Take Many Forms

Pain in the heel can take many forms, but the two most common are plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the band of tissue that runs along the base of the foot becomes inflamed and when pressure is applied, it sends...
Feb 23rd, 2021

A Lesser Known Form Of Dislocation.

You have probably heard of the term dislocation in reference to a major joint, such as the knee or shoulder. Dislocations often occur because of an injury. The pain can be quite intense.
Feb 16th, 2021

Avoid Foot Surgery?

Here is a tried and true solution to avoid foot surgery We are always looking for the easiest and least invasive methods for treating foot conditions. We pride ourselves on being able to help someone avoid surgery.
Feb 9th, 2021

Bone Spur Under The Nail

You probably have heard of the term “bone spur.” Although commonly found in the heel, bones spurs can form in several different places in the foot.
Jan 26th, 2021

Mobility Is Something Most Of Us Take For Granted

Mobility is something most of us take for granted until it is compromised. Nothing is more important to our overall mobility – especially knees, hips, and back – than the health of our feet.
Jan 19th, 2021

The Achilles Tendon Is The Strongest Tendon In The Body.

The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body. This tendon is a thick, cord-like structure that inserts into the back of the heel bone, and it’s located in one of the most overused and under-appreciated parts of the foot.
Jan 14th, 2021

Balance Boosting Foot Wear Tips

Here are some balance-boosting footwear tips: Did you know that falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among older people?
Jan 12th, 2021

Neuropathy and Frostbite: A Dangerous Combination

People who suffer from diabetes and neuropathy should know why it’s important to avoid frostbite. Neuropathy, a condition often experienced by those with diabetes, affects the body’s ability to feel, and therefore, hot and cold often cannot be discerned.
Jan 8th, 2021

Bunions…Don’t blame your shoes!

Don’t blame your shoes… A bunion can be a very painful condition. Bunions are excess bone that builds up, usually on the inside of the foot near the big toe.
Dec 29th, 2020

What About High Arches?

Many of the people we see for foot and ankle pain have arches that are flatter than normal. Some foot conditions come from having very flat feet. The foot type that doesn’t get much attention is the one with a high arch.
Dec 22nd, 2020

Address Pronation To Reduce Pain.

Common causes of foot problems include heredity, overuse, bad shoes, diabetes, and being overweight. But there is also a lesser-known word that is at the root of many foot issues: pronation.
Dec 15th, 2020