Remy Laser- The FDA-cleared class IV Laser That Simply Does More!

What it is: Remy Laser is a class IV FDA cleared laser that is used to treat a wide range of patient conditions including pain and inflammation, wounds, nail fungus, warts, and more! 

What it does: The Remy Laser accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, improves vascular and metabolic activity, and reduces inflammation and scar tissue. 

Why you should do it: The treatment is painless, is easily applied, is highly affectve for various conditons, eliminates pain, reduces the need for Pharmaceuticals, restores the normal range of motion and physcial function, is non-invasive and non-toxic, has no known adverse affects, and is an alternative for patients who have tried other modalities. 

At Advanced Foot and Anle Center, we use the Remy Laser right here in our office! Many patients have had great sucess and improved quaslity of life after recieving Remy Laser Treatements. Don’t suffer with pain any longer! Call our office today at 203-791-0466 if you would like to learn more about this procedure.

Paul Betschart, DPM Dr. Betschart has over 26 years of experience in treating patients of all ages with all kinds of foot and ankle conditions. His mission is to provide you with helpful information about foot and ankle issues and the latest developments in healthcare.

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