Why Can Foot Pain Fluctuate?

Ever wonder why your foot pain can fluctuate from very little to quite intense, but never fully goes away?

Have you ever had a sore foot and after a few days of rest, the pain went away? Right when you decide to make an appointment to see your podiatrist, it starts to feel somewhat better and you decide to wait it out. We’ve been there!

The problem is, long-term unaddressed conditions can become chronic. Treating chronic issues can be much more challenging than treating acute ones early on.

Most of the time, just resting a chronic condition is not enough. Even the effectiveness of pain medications can decrease as time passes. And in some cases, an avoidable surgery can become a necessity.

One common such problem is plantar fasciitis. Most of the time, when addressed early on, we can treat people with plantar fasciitis quickly and get them pain free in a matter of days or weeks.

Fortunately, we have some of the best tools to diagnose and treat most painful conditions of the feet.

The right formula for achieving pain-free feet is different for everyone. Some people need orthotics because their foot structure is causing re-injury. Some people might need injections because their body isn’t providing them with the right tools for healing. Some people need shockwave therapy to reboot the healing process. And a few people may need to have surgery.

If you’ve been in pain for more than two weeks, we’re here to help you make sure the problem doesn’t become more serious. Let us know if we can help end your foot discomfort sooner than later

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